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Gallery of Zdzisław Beksiński

Gallery of Zdzisław Beksiński

The biggest exhibition in the world (including about 600 works) presents rich and diverse creativity of one of the most interesting and intriguing contemporary artist. Having, to a large extent, author's profile the exhibition is a retrospective reflecting the development and stylistic-formal transformations of this art in the course of time.

The gallery begins with the Sanok chamber where are presented, apart from outstanding photographs from the 50s, early works created in the abstraction manner along with set of unique paintings painted on the glass and equally interesting sculptures. Next room, being faithfully reconstructed Warsaw studio, familiarizes the spectator with suggestion of space in which this outstanding works came into existence. It gives the possibility of direct penetration of intimate, everyday world of the master, his way of thinking and creating. Wide spectrum of exhibited works such as sketches, drawings and graphics from different periods, put in drawers of display cases, presents continuous improving of technique and search for own, autonomous means of expression. There are also computer works. However, an expressive accent of the exhibition are two chambers situated at the lower storeys. They present the most important, in the entire oeuvre, painting creativity. Paintings, through which the artist spoke fully (both the ones from the fantastic period as well as from last twenty years of the artistic work), are an opportunity for the spiritual walk through labyrinth of extraordinary talent and unlimited imagination. There is also possibility to see here an exceptional work - the last painting finished at the day of artist's death. Multimedia displays, accompanying the exhibition, familiarize us with character of the artist, whereas a resounding music of favourite composers is complementing the whole.

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