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The artist had interested in computer graphics in the late 90s. It was a kind of return to photography. The first works made by means of a computer, in a sense, refer to the photomontages from the 50s. After decades, Beksinski again creates photographical compositions (collages) using his own and other's photographs. Yet, this time the photographs are inputted into a computer by means of a scanner then compiled and processed. Visions created in that way are similar to the painting works of the fantastic period in which dominate unrealistic, metaphysical space built through realistic chiaroscuro.


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from 1st April to 31st October
Mon 8am - 12pm
other days of the week 9am - 5pm


from 2nd November to 31st March
Mon 8am - 12pm
Tues and Wed 9am - 5pm
other days of the week 9am " 3pm


Regular fee - 17 PLN
Reduced fee - 13 PLN
Family - 47 PLN
guided tour in Polish - 55 PLN
guided tour in English, French or German is available for ordering at the ticket office or by phone + 48 13 46 306 09, ext. 35, fare - 70 PLN
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